Blog 3 SOPs to Add to Your Business Today

3 SOPs to Add to Your Business Today


3 SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) you can [and probably most definitely should] adopt in your business today. Well, over the next 30 days because, Sugar, it's okay to take a break and pace yourself.

Where you create these don't matter. What matters is that you keep them together, maybe in the same folder, and that you USE and UPDATE them. As your business evolves, your SOPs will evolve, so there is no perfection.

Not sure what to include? I got you!

SOP #1 Client Onboarding

You definitely want to have instructions on how to welcome new clients to your business, or to a new service, even if you're not a coach or service provider.

Good onboarding experiences make a significant impression, so it's a good idea to make sure you have this documented and update often.

Your SOP for Client Onboarding can include:

  • Canned email templates and call scripts for welcoming your new client
  • Intake Questionnaire: goes a little more in depth than your inquiry questionnaire
  • Any other materials you need to get the service going (homework)
  • Communication preferences (this should be stated a few times before they become a client, too)
  • FAQs

SOP #2 Product Launches

Sugar, when you're introducing a new product/service, you needs a plan. Your SOP for Product Launches will be extensive as you evolve because it covers 4-5 different stages of launch.

Even though what you offer will differ, the steps for how that gets done should be consistent. Also? As you get more experience for launches, you may decide on different types of launches. When that happens, you'll have an SOP for each type of launch. For example: launch with ads, launch without ads

So here's what you can include:

  • PRE-LAUNCH: What needs to be done before the actual launch date? Marketing (where are you promoting, marketing materials you need), setting up tech, testing, budget, do you need help? How long will your launch period be? Will the cart close? Decide on any launch specific KPIs
  • LAUNCH: What happens during your launch period? Welcome emails, login credentials, launch sale reminders... stuff like that
  • DELIVERY: When do clients get access? How are you delivering what you've launched? Are you doing a Facebook group or community? If so, include the management of that.
  • FOLLOW-UP: Do you need check-ins? Offboarding? Getting reviews and testimonials
  • POST-LAUNCH: Make sure to update your site, emails and any other copy. Do a review of the launch. Update launch KPIs.

Document steps, procedures, and tools to use for each of the phases. Also consider adding FAQs to address issues and possible hiccups!

SOP #3 KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) Reports

We make data driven decisions around these parts. You get data by doing things... not thinking about them.

KPIs show you where you're doing well, what could use some adjustment, and let you know when to let go... based on actual happenings, not the what if scenarios in your head.

Here's what you can include in your KPI SOPs:

  • Sales conversion rates
  • Email open and click rates
  • Number of clients
  • Subscriber totals and rates
  • New vs. repeat site visits
  • Customer acquisition cost

For KPIs that have multiple channels - like tracking social media metrics - you'll probably have a separate SOP for each. 

You'll want to include how to collect, track, and store the data you want collected for your business.

BONUS: an SOP for Creating SOPs

Why would you do that?
You want to ensure that your SOPs have uniformity, and that there's an official record of how you want that done.

What to include?

  • Does it require review?
  • How often do SOPs need reviewing?
  • Who can review?
  • What is the process for making updates?
  • How will you store your SOPs? i.e. Google Docs/Sheets, Airtable, ClickUp, Asana, Notion? Something else?
  • Where these be published?
  • What (other) tools will you use to create SOPs? Loom? Snagit? Screencast-o-matic?
  • Do you need full names or initials for reviewers on the cover sheet?
  • How will you name your SOPs? By department? Function?
  • How do you want dates written?

SOPs may seem like a PITA, until you need them or the lack of them start costing you money. Start on them now and keep this in mind:

  • You don't have to do them all at once
  • They will be updated at some point, so start with what you have
  • Schedule time to do them so that they become a priority. They are a priority.

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