Digital Planner Pack

The first step in organizing your business is to organize yourself.

The planner currently without a name is designed to accompany the biz organizeher™ to assist with you planning needs.

This digital planner pack includes the following layouts:

  • annual strategic planner
  • quarterly layout
  • monthly layout (2)
  • weekly layout (2)
  • daily layout
  • brain dump
  • notes
  • wide ruled
  • 2-column wide-ruled

It also includes:

  • User portal (right here)
  • PDF and GoodNotes formats

This first pack is very minimalist so that you can use it digitally, or print it if you feel so inclined.

While you can use it with any PDF reader, you'll be able to do more with it in terms of customization in programs like GoodNotes.

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