Blog Happy 3rd Birthday to the biz organizeher™

Happy 3rd Birthday to the biz organizeher™


Three years ago today, I held my breath and pushed send on an email to pre-sell what I was then calling a business operations planner, with a coach in your pocket.

My goal was to sell 100 by my birthday at the end of October 2019. The pre-sale went to my list of less than 150 people for 2 weeks, and honestly? If I would have gotten over myself, I would have hit that goal; but I did manage 51 copies sold by then.

As luck would have it, I had to switch printers at the last minute, delaying my shipping timetable by a week. The fact that I emailed those who had pre-ordered weekly with updates kept everything from falling apart.

When the planners arrived, I cried... I can be so mushy at times.

The box was short a copy of what I ordered, but I knew to order more than what I needed so I was able to get to packaging and shipping.
A week later, delivery notifications started pinging off and that's when I started sharing the biz organizeher™  purchase info on socials.

the biz organizeher™ passed the 100 sold mark in February 2020. After a brief hiatus due to COVID-19 logistics,  I brought it back because of the response I was getting from those who purchased and used it.

A few things have stood out to me since that first sales email went out:

  • It's okay to be nervous or scared; hit send anyway.
  • Goals require work. May be a little, may be a lot, but put some work behind reaching your goal.
  • Don't take for granted that people know what you know. Even the ones you think are smarter than you. You may present a perspective they haven't thought of.

For a minute I didn't think the biz organizeher™ was sexy... because it's Operations and Systems. Maybe it's not, BUT to see people that have purchased what you created reach major milestones in their life and/or business (high 6 figures anyone?_ - even when they don't say so - is saksay AF.

Now, this is not a promise that anyone who buys the biz organizeher™ will generate over $250K - or even $1 - in revenue. But I can promise you that with it, you will get your Operations in Order.

That's why one of my wishes for my 50th birthday this year is to sell 50 more copies so that 50 more soloprenuers, freelancers and business owners can put some structure in their business that helps them to be more efficient and effective.

Get your copy today!

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