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Story Time: SSS Beginnings

Story Time: SSS Beginnings

In April of this year, the words "Systems Summer School™" rang through my brain. 

I was like, "Lord, not another project."

I went through the steps of searching hashtags, domains, social handles and the like. 

For a week straight, "Systems Summer School™" would pop into my head, unprovoked. It was really getting on my nerves.

So I bought the domain and hit up my certified Digital Event Strategist buddy, Na'Chanelle, for a brainstorming session. 

In 45 minutes Systems Summer School™ was planned, drafted and ready to whisper to a few folks.

I knew that I didn't want a lot of attendees; my capacity is 5-10 so I can give individual attention as needed while in a group setting.

The reason I went through with SSS was because I wasn't finding what I needed, so I created it.

  • Targeted instructions for specific areas of my business
  • Support I could tap into with specific questions, almost on-demand
  • A program I could get what I needed in a week or less; not 6-12 months

Not only did I have fun running SSS, attendees gained clarity, insight they weren't expecting, and an actionable plan to move forward.

Participants asked me multiple times if I was going to do it again... and my answer was "yes". If I could, I would do it monthly, but that's a bit much for me right now.

Then Hello Audio opened up the beta for their Audio Course Accelerator to subscribers, and for me it was a no-brainer to join. At first I didn't know what I would create... 

A couple of sleeps after doing Week 1's homework and dot dot dot

Systems Summer School™ Winter Semester would be perfect!

How so?

  • Ability to accept more than 10 people at a time
  • Participants could access the instruction at their leisure; no need to be tied to scheduled calls
  • Support offered via email; or upgrade for Slack channel chat/audio/video support

And that's how we got here... episodes drop on December 11, 2022, and I'm nervacited!!!

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